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    Default Java Eclipse Apps use Lucida Grande instead of SF (only my user)

    Hi there.

    I have a question concerning some rather weird behavior.

    The company I work for develops some sort of product database software based on Java Eclipse.
    One .ini file of the App specifies to use:

    I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro that I updated all the way to Sierra (no clean installs).

    Now here is the kicker. macOS for me uses the San Fransisco font by default. I haven't messed with this.
    I also have a couple colleagues who have a 2014 MBP and a 2013 MBA (if they never did a clean install... the base OS the system was shipped with is newer than with mine...)

    For THEM this Eclipse app... uses SF by default... as it should.
    Only on my machine...with my default user it uses Lucida Grande instead.
    For testing purposes I created a new user on my machine... and... tada... it uses the correct SF font.

    I'm not a developer... I did do some research, but couldn't really find anything... or anyone else with this problem. Does anyone here have an idea what might be causing it?

    See also the attached screenshots (we modified them to put text next to the actual text of the app... just for comparisons sake)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Java Eclipse Apps use Lucida Grande instead of SF (only my user)-colleague-mbp.jpg   Java Eclipse Apps use Lucida Grande instead of SF (only my user)-my-mbp.png  

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