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Thread: Newbee stumped

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    Default Newbee stumped

    I'm taking the Solo learn java tutorial using Ellipse. In the Creating Classes & Objects.
    So far, I have:

    public class Animal {
    void bark() {

    Then, they say: Let's head over to our main and create a new object of our class.
    This looks like:

    class MyClass {
    public static void main(String[ ] args) {
    Animal dog = new Animal();

    How do I get the class MyClass in this program. If I enter new class though the src, I lose the top portion of the program... and how do I show the total program on the same page?
    I"m definately doing something wrong...Remember... I said Newbee

    Thanks... Steve
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    Default Re: Newbee stumped

    If you say new class, you create a new class in a different file. If you want to put a new class in the same file then just type
    it in after the first class.

    BTW, classes declared public must be in a file by the same name with a .java suffix. This should be taken care of by
    Eclipse. I recommend in your example you make MyClass public in its own file. This will make it easier to find the entry
    point (main). Then the Animal class can be either in the same file or its own file.

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    Default Re: Newbee stumped

    Thanks, Jim. Is there a way, I view them both together on the same page? Solo learn should have explained it something like you did. I thought perhaps that I'd have to right-click on 'public class animal' and create a class from there. Especially confusing for people absolutely new to elipse,,, and Java.

    Thanks... Steve

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