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    Default Configuring Java Build Path in Eclipse

    I have a question about setting up one project to be able to use the methods in another project. I tried configuring the build path of the first project but that didn’t work. So I installed the package in the second project on the local machine and that worked. Details are below.

    My questions are:
    1. How to set up one project to use the methods of another project? I really with the "configure the build path" procedure had worked.

    2. What really happened when I did the second procedure to install the package on the local machine? Is that a bad practice? Can I undo it?

    Thank you! Details follow:

    I have two java projects: ardublock and openblocks.
    See step 2 in this page to see what it looks like:
    Setup ArduBlock Development in Eclipse | Ardublock

    The methods of ardublock use the methods inside openblocks. So I followed step number 3 on to :
    “Configure “Java Build Path” of ardublock to include openblocks”

    But that didn’t work. ardublock still could not see the methods of openblocks.

    Instead I followed this procedure on
    Import ardublock to Eclipse | Ardublock

    -- -- --quote
    1. install the openblocks package locally.
    go to openblocks folder and run
    $ mvn clean
    $ mvn install
    After these command, maven will compile and install openblocks package in your local machine.
    -- -- -- end quote

    And that worked. Now ardublock sees the methods in openblocks and compiles and runs. But I really wish I could get procedure 1 (configure the java build path) to work. I am afraid that what I did in procedure 2 (install package on local machine) might not be a good practice and maybe can’t be undone?


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    Default Re: Configuring Java Build Path in Eclipse

    To use other projects in Eclipse, go to the configure build path window (wizard). There should be a projects tab.
    You should be able to add required projects there.

    Someone else will need to address your other questions (I don't speak Maven).

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