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    Default Eclipse Autocompletion System.out.println() ??

    I am using eclipse and learning java on my own, so I donít get to learn by watch (except youtube). With all the features of Eclipse, I am surprised they donít have a better autocompletion function. My main gripe is always typing System.out.println. Eclipse never autocompletes this. Am I doing something wrong or missing an easy pointer? How to get Eclipse to autocomplete something as often used (and long) as System.out.println.

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    Default Re: Eclipse Autocompletion System.out.println() ??

    You obviously haven't read Eclipse's excellent help features ... type S and Ctrl-Space; select 'System' from the popup menu; press dot '.' and select 'out' from the popup menu; press dot '.' and select 'println' from the popup menu. I'm sure Eclipse allows you to type 'sop' (or similar) but I never needed it (my fingers type 'System.out.println' by themselves); tip: type 'auto completion' in the help search box and read what Eclipese allows what you can do ...

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