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    Default Anyone know a good tutorial for Eclipse Luna?

    Hey Java forum members and mods,
    I was wondering, how would a guy whose never used an IDE before, learn the ways of using the Eclipse IDE? Where on the web or what tutorials do you recommend?

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    Default Re: Anyone know a good tutorial for Eclipse Luna?

    Experimentation is the key, combined with the manual. Eclipse actually has one, see that 'help' menu item at the top?

    If you've never used an IDE before you -might- want to start with Netbeans which is a more streamlined product before switching to Eclipse (a more powerful and flexible IDE in my opinion), to get your feet wet. Netbeans has all kinds of manuals and videos you can check out in the documentation section on the site.

    Once you know one of them, switching to another is not much of an issue. They all solve the same problems in the end.
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