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    Default Which one is better Eclipse or MyEclipse?


    Currently I am using Eclipse Europa version 3.3.0. I am working on a web application and I am using an external Tomcat server.

    I would be obliged if you can share with me your thoughts on which is a better tool. Eclipse or MyEclipse.

    My main reason for doing a switch between these two would be the speed. If MyEclipse gives me some more speed (publishing and start of the server) or some other features which are not provided by the open-source or free plugins of Eclipse, I can contemplate on switching to this tool.

    Please share your thoughts.


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    The short answer is to of course try MyEclipse (it has a 30-day with no obligation) and see if it solves your specific needs.

    But, since you specifically brought up server speed as an issue, many MyEclipse customers purchase MyEclipse for this specific reason. The hot-sync deployment feature allows you to run any of your applications and sync with servers in real time, so there's no waiting. When you couple this with the integrated and fully-supported nature of MyEclipse, the time savings and speed are worth more than the meager $30 or $60 per year (depending on your version, Standard or Professional).

    If you have any questions at all, feel free to drop me a note.

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    If in your test have seen that MyEclipse give you enough speed-up, then its't the best option because is so cheap and you time is expensive ;-)



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