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    Default Error logged from JDT Debug UI Window

    For the last couple of days,if I click on a link to a file/line number in the stacktrace displayed in the Eclipse console window, a message box popus up that reads:
    An exception occurred while following link. Reason: Error logged from JDT Debug UI:

    Source lookup error
    Unable to access archive M2_REPO\junit\java-sources\junit-3.8.1-sources.jar

    Please note that M2_REPO is setup to point to my local Maven2 repository.

    I don't recall installing any new plug-ins or making any modifications to my Eclipse IDE that would cause this behavior. Its possible that changes to the project .classpath file may have caused this.

    How do I fix this

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    i meet this problem, i resolved this problem by amending the .classpath file.

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