I have a survey for a class that I want to ask some people on Java forums. If anyone has used eclipse before Its a series of 12 simple questions ranging from prior programming experience to what you like(or dislike) about special features in eclipse.

Here are the questions, and I would highly appreciate anyone and everyone's effort to participate providing you have Eclipse experience. Thanks for your time.

===INF 219 - Survey Questions (For Eclipse Users ONLY)===
# 1. How long have you been programming?
# 2. What is your occupation? (i.e. student, software programmer, tester)
# 3. What programming languages do you primarily code in?
# 4. How long have you been using Eclipse?
# 5. What tools/functions in Eclipse do you use on a regular basis?
# 6. Have you ever used the scrapbook function? If yes, please answer the remaining six questions.
# 7. How often do you use the scrapbook?
# 8. What do you primarily use the scrapbook for?
# 9. What do you like about the scrapbook?
# 10. What do you dislike about the scrapbook?
# 11. What are some improvements you would like to see in it?
# 12. Would you recommend this feature to others?

If anyone has any questions please feel free to post in here so I can clarify anything!