HI... Im new to this task of report generation with BIRT

I got all the basics of designing ,adding data sources,data sets ,report viewer with EclipseIDE.

i finished the layout design portion & got d code from following link,

Can anybody plz tell me exactly how to run this


i added all .jar files. but it generates the following exception


org.eclipse.birt.core.exception.BirtException: Cant startup the OSGI framework
at org.eclipse.birt.core.framework.Platform.startup(P latform.java:91)
at SimpleCreate.buildReport(SimpleCreate.java:57)
at SimpleCreate.main(SimpleCreate.java:29)
Caused by: org.eclipse.birt.core.exception.CoreException
at org.eclipse.birt.core.framework.osgi.OSGILauncher. startup(OSGILauncher.java:90)
at org.eclipse.birt.core.framework.Platform.startup(P latform.java:79) "

any code or settings suggestions will b helpfull