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    Post How to interface with C library using JNA

    I have an old unix c application (.exe) which uses ActiveMQ as a message exchange to another application.

    Now, I will be developing/modifying a java application using eclipse and implement JNA (Java Native Access) to use above application, which I will convert first to a library, and removing ActiveMQ implementation.

    Since I am removing ActiveMQ, I dont know what technology I can replace with it to still have some message exchange from Java to C library and vice versa (in threads because the message exchanges are asynchronous)

    Anyone can advise me?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: How to interface with C library using JNA

    Your own technology of course; if you don't use what is readily available, you'll have to roll your own.

    IMO ActiveMQ (or any other existing messaging system) was a far better idea than what you are going to do now.
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