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    Default Having problems getting started with Eclipse

    Quote Originally Posted by DarrylBurke View Post
    Moved from 'New to Java'

    Having problems getting started with Eclipse-package-explorer.png
    I am seeing the same problem attempting to run the second tutorial on Eclipse and creating a SWT
    Open the Import wizard from the main menu via File > Import..., and select Plug-in Development > Plug-ins and Fragments. Click Next.
    The command did not complete successfully. unknown wizard: org.eclipse.pde.ui.PluginImportWizard

    I have down loaded the file but there is no install.doc with it.
    How does one load plug-ins in to Eclipse?

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    Default Re: Having problems getting started with Eclipse

    Removed from

    Don't post to old dead threads and don't hijack another poster's thread. When you have a question, start a new thread; theyr'e free.

    Also, only quote a previous response when you are replying to it. Quoting my 'Moved from..' message is meaningless.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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