hi, i m new in java eclipse, m trying from many weeks but i didnt get succes, kindly help me
m trying to import external class files in my code. rightclick on project src->properties->builpath->configure build path-> libraries->add external class folder
by doing this a folder appear in referenced libraries, having all the java .class files, but i still cant import my file
next i zip all .class files in a zip folder and add as external jars, by doing this all class files are shown under defult package, under refernced libraries, and still i cant import my class files into code.
kindly tell me how can i rename the default package, so that i can access and import the class files
by right clicking the classes, under the default package in the referencend libraries, there comes no option of refractor and move,
wise ones please tell me to import the jars, and help me in solving this default package problem!!!!