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    Default Eclipse - Error Delete Project

    Hi, sorry for mi english but i don't speak it very well.

    I made an incredible error using my eclipse....when i delete a project from my workspace for an error I select to delede the source even on the file i don't have anymore my source!!! My idea was of delete the project in the workspace but mantain the source on my file system in the dir C:\Document and Settings\XXX\workspace ....but for error I chek the optio that delete even on the file there a possibility to recover my source??? because i have just see that there's not in my Trash like when delete a file and it goes in the Trash.

    I know that probably this is impossible but i need to recover my source!!!!

    Plese help if possible.

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    Sorry to inform you but its gone forever!!

    This is why I always make a backup of my important projects.
    Did this post help you? Please me! :cool:

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