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Thread: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im taking a required class and I'm a newbe please help where do I even start with this!

    Develop a Computer class that describes your computer. The class must have at least five attributes comprised of a minimum of three different data types. At least one method should be defined in your class. Prepare a program that utilizes the Computer class and prompts the user for information about their existing computer followed by information about a future, more desirable computer. Use Scanner class for data input. You must use at least two variables of data type integer and calculate or quantify the improvement over the existing computer using these variables. Display a table that displays all the information to the screen, such as the attribute values and the results of the calculations. Your program should create at least two instances of your Computer class.

    Be sure to use variables, the Scanner class and calculations. The program should output the values of the instance variables and the results of any calculations.

    Input data for the current computer as well as for the desired computer. Your assignment submittal should include your properly commented java code and the class file.

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    Default Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cross posted
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    Default Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is probably the most irritating question title that we've had in a while. I'm not sure about others, but it has the opposite effect on me -- I really don't want to help anyone who does this.
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