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    Default Running Eclipse from USB key is that possible?


    can you run Eclipse from an USB Key?
    I would like to do that.

    i thinkone of the the main problems is that the pc i put my USB key in does not contain JDK and probably has a different set of JRE's

    but i could store them on the USB key themselves.

    anybody any hint on how to do this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Running Eclipse from USB key is that possible?

    If I recall correctly installing Eclipse is a matter of unzipping the distribution .zip file wherever you want. In the past I've had a single copy of Eclipse on the file system that was accessed by both Windows and Linux for instance.

    As far as the JRE is concerned, Eclipse itself needs a JRE to run. You could have the JRE for use by Eclipse on the USB key: consult the Eclipse docs if you find you have to specify the path to this JRE as part of the command that launches Eclipse.

    Oracle's (or anybody else's) JDK need not be present as Eclipse uses the Jikes compiler. But, of course Eclipse can be used to look at both code and documentation so have a (or some) JDKs on the USB key might also be a good idea.

    The bottom line is that Eclipse is quite well suited to be moved from computer to computer - and from OS to OS - while still remaining functional.

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