Hie gurus. I am into mobile Apps these days and came across the Android framework. They say its is massive and from their blogs I am enticed to believe them.

Then wam!! I follow their plugin-into eclipse instructions and from the word go I cannot compile their Hello world getting this error message below.

I have tried all the tricks and am a regular user of eclipse (for ordinary java and JEE), AND i CANNOT GET IT TO WORK......However I can compile my simple helloWord java application.

Does anyone know Android and defend their dignity before I start masquerading it as a "Flop!!!" At least a framework should have a helloworld which compiles on the advertised IDE ......don't you think?

XML Code:
[QUOTE][B]HelloAndroid] 6 warnings
  HelloAndroid] no classfiles specified
  HelloAndroid] Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1

  Could not find /bin/HelloAndroidApp.apk![/B][/QUOTE]