I've been developing a game in netbeans and so eclipse is something that I seems a little strange.
After downloading eclipse me something that has annoyed me is that when the RUN button is clicked, the run as dialog appears with only java and java applet available.
Every time the configuration must be selected in order to get the thing to run.

Additionally, this question is related to the development of an eclipse plugin that affects the editor...

I obtained a copy of the book eclipse-building commercial quality plugins but I'd like to ask experienced people's opinions:

I need to make a plugin that allows a programmer to select variables and parts of code, click a button, and have them be highlighted. I want the location of these lines of code to be stored within text files.
I'm just wondering if someone can point me to the right links and on which eclipse plugin libraries must be used in order to affect highlighting in the editor, add a menu entry to the right click...etc..

Thank you, and I appreciate any help from anyone,