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    Default error msg : "source not found"

    Well I got this msg before when my array was out of bounds but now it won;t even let me create an object so I am puzzled.

    These are my objects (Hotel and Room)
    Java Code:
    public class Hotel {
    	private String hotel_name;
    	private Room[] hotel;
    	private int num_of_rooms;
    public Hotel(String hotelName,int maxNumOfrooms)
    		hotel_name=new String(hotelName);	
    		hotel=new Room[maxNumOfrooms];

    Java Code:
    public class Room {
    	private int room_number;
    	private int num_of_beds;
    	private String description;
    	public Room(int roomNum,int numOfBeds,String roomDescription)
    		description=new String(roomDescription);

    here is my code:

    Java Code:
    static Hotel LoadHotelFromFile(String file_name) throws Exception
    		  { // Create a File instance
  file = new;
    			    // Create a Scanner for the file
    			    Scanner input = new Scanner(file);
    			    // Read data from a file			   
    			   String hotel_line =;
    		      Hotel hotel=hotel_extractor(hotel_line);
    			   while (input.hasNext()) // blank is the token 
    			       Room r=room_extractor(room_line);
    			       if (!hotel.AddRoom(r))
    						System.out.println("error adding room");
    			    // Close the file
    			    return hotel;
    	static private Hotel hotel_extractor(String hotel_line)
    		String[] hotelinfo=hotel_line.split("[%@]");
    		String hotel_name=hotelinfo[0];
    		int max_number_of_rooms=Integer.parseInt(hotelinfo[2]);
    		Hotel hotel=new Hotel(hotel_name,max_number_of_rooms);
    		return hotel;
    	static private Room room_extractor(String room_line)
    		int i=0;
    		String[] roominfo=room_line.split("[#]");		
    		String roomdesc=roominfo[i++];
    		int room_number=Integer.parseInt(roominfo[i++]);
    		int number_of_beds=Integer.parseInt(roominfo[i++]);
    		Room room=new Room(room_number,number_of_beds,roomdesc);
    		return room;
    This is simply loading from a file, first line should create an object of the type Hotel which contains an array of type Room.

    I don't get why it won't create it

    ps: I checked the variables after the split, each contains what it should whether it;s a string or int...
    while I run it regularly (not in debug mode) it says array out of bounds

    "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
    at Program.room_extractor(
    at Program.LoadHotelFromFile(
    at Program.main("

    Apparently this line bugs it:
    Java Code:
    Scanner input = new Scanner(file);
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    Default Re: error msg : "source not found"

    Quote Originally Posted by lenjaku View Post
    "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
    at Program.room_extractor(
    at Program.LoadHotelFromFile(
    at Program.main("

    Apparently this line bugs it:
    " Scanner input = new Scanner(file);"
    The stack trace shows that the exception arose from line 148 in the room_extractor method of There's no " Scanner input = new Scanner(file);" in that method.

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