Just looking for some guidance here.

I am using Eclipse to develop a project. I have created a Java EE project that connects to a server and uses Sax Parser to retrieve the data with getters and setters (parser.project).
I have now gone in and created a table to match the fields I want to retrieve from the XML data feed on the server in a new database.
I have just created a JPA project and done an automatic creation of the entities to the tables in the database. This seems to have automatically generated getters and setter - so I don't know if I am going around in circles.

Should be parser.project - really be my JPA project ?
How do I get the JPA project to synch with the parser.project .
Should the parser.project be in one of the java classes on the JPA project ?
Am I doing something wrong ?

Is their a simple link somewhere that describes how to do this small step ?

I am trying to read/use Advanced Java EE Developement for Rational Application Developer 7.5 but I am a bit lost.

Thanks in advance