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    Post image is not getting loaded ....

    Iam using eclipse IDE. Iam developing an application on java. my apllication includes almost 6 classes and each class opens in a diffferent frame. For my apllication's main interface i want add a few images or buttons with images. i have tried many codes the program runs but the image is not displayed. my main interface includes labels and buttons and little grahics code. i keep tha image in src folder of project but still its nt getting laoded. i have tries jpg,gif and png images.
    plz provide me the solution for this in form of codes.
    Thank u
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    Default Re: image is not getting loaded ....

    99% of your posted code has nothing to do with your problem and just serves as a distraction, and in fact was so much that most of us (myself included) won't bother to read it all. We're volunteers and our time is just as precious to us as yours is to you. Why not create a small program whose only purpose is to read and display an image so we can work with the offending code?

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