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    Unhappy eclipse installing problem

    even after installing JDK 7 and setting the environment variable, when i am clicking the 'eclipse.exe' the popup is showing '''JVM version 1.5 or more is required'''

    please suggest....eclipse installing problem-eclipse.png

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    Default Re: eclipse installing problem

    Try uninstalling Java 1.4 (JDK and runtime) as it's very old anyway.

    Then install Java. The environment variable to set is PATH. Stay away from CLASSPATH. The PATH variable should get set by the JDK installation, but you can check that by going to the command line and typing the commands:

    Java Code:
    java -version
    javac -version
    both of which should respond with the recent version.

    You can also check the PATH value with the command

    Java Code:
    Listed among the output you should expect to see the directory (folder) containing the java executables.


    For reference consult the "Hello World!" for Microsoft Windows and Common Problems pages of Oracle's Tutorial. In general it's a good idea with a new language or compiler to begin with such a command line "hello world" to check that system configuration is as it should be.

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