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    Default Class and return statements question, not updating correctly

    Hey all, I'm trying to figure out how to write another class that deals with stock changes. This is what i have so far:

    public Stock(String name, double price) {
    this.price = price; = name;

    public String update(String sameName, double changeInPrice) {
    if (name == sameName && changeInPrice != 0)
    price += changeInPrice;
    if (name != sameName)
    return //this part is what i can't get
    return sameName;

    so what i'm trying to get done here is when update is called like

    Stock s = new Stock("APL",21.5);


    i want to just return the price for whatever the stock name was called for. because later when i need to getPrice, it should return to me with 21.0. at the moment, it keeps returning 20.5, which means its also reading the GOOG when its not suppose to. when i get the changeCount is changed by any non-zero number, it comes out correct which is 2(so it doesn't count GOOG).

    is the correct way to "return nothing" when its not what i want? i tried to put a
    if (name != sameName)

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    Default Re: Class and return statements question, not updating correctly

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    Default Re: Class and return statements question, not updating correctly

    You don't compare Strings using '==', since that only tells you if the two String objects are the same object, not whether the values of them are the same..
    You need to use equals().

    But, why are you doing this in the Stock class? It shouldn't have to do this check.
    That should be the responsibility of the class that controls all the Stocks, either as a check as above or via a Map<(name of stock), Stock>.
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