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    Default Another NoClassDefFoundError

    Hey all,

    I've search around some and found some answers to this problem; however, I'm just not able to fix it.
    I have the following situation:

    (Eclipse IDE)

    Project A
    -sourceFolder A
    --Package A
    ---Class A

    Project B
    -sourceFolder B
    --Package B
    ---Class B

    Class A extends Class B

    Right clicked Project A > Build Path > Configure Build Path
    Under the Projects Tab I added Project B.

    This allowed me to do the extension and to access all of the methods and attributes. This also compiles fine; however, when I run it I get a NoClassDefFoundError. I'm obviously missing something in working with the classpath which is why I'm guessing I'm getting a NoClassDefFoundError

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Another NoClassDefFoundError

    I'm getting a NoClassDefFoundError
    When seeking help with an error, post the entire text and stack trace. don't paraphrase and don't abbreviate.

    Class B needs to be on the runtime classpath. have you taken care of that?

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    Default Re: Another NoClassDefFoundError

    Understood about the stack trace!

    Thanks for the help. I wasn't thinking and completely forgot that I needed to set the runtime classpath.

    For those who find this post and don't understand...

    - In eclipse go to Run > Run Configurations
    - Select the "Java Application" from the left pane that you wish to run.
    - Click on the Classpath tab and add any projects or jars that are required.

    Thanks again for the reminder Darryl! Works perfectly now!

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