my Eclipse plugin bookmarks certain IJavaElements of (java) source files for instance methods. If a method is renamed I would like to update the information in my plugin.
I figured out that the org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.renameParticipant extension points enables me to react on renames that triggered by a refactoring event (like F2 in package explorer on the element or CTRL+ALT+R when the carret is on the method). That works fine.
Unfortunately, there is a 3rd way of renaming an element in a source file which is not processable by the above mentioned extension point; CTRL+2 then R also enables a renaming of elements within the boundaries of a source file. The difference between CTRL+ALT+R and CTRL+2 then R is that the former also updates all usages of a method in other source files while the latter only renames all occurrences of an element within the boundaries of the current source file.

Does anyone know how to get a notification for renaming with CTRL+2 then R?