I am using
Window XP,
Eclipse Helios (With Eclipse ME plugin 1.7.9) and

When I run any of the Midlets the emulator is not launching.
I have also selected the Midlet option in Run Configuration.
In the console it is displayed as:


emulator [arguments]

In order to get commands supported by given device run:
emulator.exe -Xdevice:<device name> -Xquery

Generic list of arguments is:

-version Display version information about the emulator
-help Display list of valid arguments
-classpath, -cp The class path for the VM
-D<name>=<value> Set a system property
-Xdebug Use a remote debugger
Debugging options
-Xdevice:<device> Select a device skin for the emulator
Set the MIDlet suite's security domain
-Xdescriptor:<JAD file name>
The JAD file to be executed

-Xjam[:install=<JAD file url> | force | list | storageNames |
run=[<storage name> | <storage number>][,<MIDlet class name>] |
remove=[<storage name> | <storage number> | all] |
transient=<JAD file url>]
Java Application Manager and support
for Over The Air provisioning (OTA)
-Xquery Print device information
-Xautotest:<JAD file url>
Run in autotest mode"

I want to work only in eclipse as I am familiar with it. So please help me in fixing this issue.