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Thread: Help for some questions

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    Exclamation Help for some questions

    I am in stuck about these questions. Please help me about solving these questions.

    1. Define a tirangle class with three edges. Then write the following methods:
    • One constructor
    • Get/set methods
    • IsTriangle() method to determine if it is a triangle or not
    • Perimeter
    • Type of triangle (Right triangle, Equilateral triangle,..)
    • Main method to test (create triangle objects and display methods results on the screen)

    2. Write a member registration application. Define the class which includes the right side information with necessary attributes, constructors, get, set methods and additional method (Calculating weight status). “CalculateWeightStatus” method calculates body mass index according to the following table depends on his/her weight and height values.

    Body Mass Index Weight Status
    Smaller 18.5 Thin
    18.5 – 24.9 Normal
    25 – 29.9 Fat
    30 and up Obese

    Take two members information from the user and display members all information with weight status on the screen.

    3. Write a book store application which includes the all information about book like name, author, published year, publisher, etc. Write necessary attributes, constructors, get, set methods. Then implement the following menu operations:

    • Add a book
    • Delete a book
    • List all books
    • Search a book (depends on the book name)
    • Exit

    For adding operation you should add at least three books to the array in your code, for more you can take book information from the user.

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    Default Re: Help for some questions

    That's not how this works. If you want help with your homework, post an SSCCE that demonstrates what you've tried so far, along with a specific question about exactly where you're stuck. Simply copy-pasting your assignment here is cheating, which is extremely rude.
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