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    Default Eclipse Mozilla as Browser Context Menu

    I am trying to get the context menu to work using Mozilla browser but unsure if there is an ability to do this as there is this bug 91342 ( and unsure if its been resolved since as its something that was raised in 2005.

    I am using Mozilla as the browser as I need the ability to zoom in to the browser and couldn't find a way to do this using IE as the default browser within Eclipse.

    Using this snippet: where Mozilla is the browser (i.e. browser = new Browser(shell, SWT.MOZILLA) and firing up the application the context menu does NOT show when I right click within the browser. When setting it to SWT.NONE and using IE as the default browser the contextmenu appears. I'm guessing something additional needs to be done for Mozilla. Anyone know?

    Appears you can create your own contextmenu so i'm sure there must be a way to use the default contextmenu from Mozilla using Snippet260 above.



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    Default Re: Eclipse Mozilla as Browser Context Menu

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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