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    Question Import a folder of *java file

    I google many times but no results found.
    I have project A: in project I hava a package A. (In project folder, it's just a folder A with many *.java).
    I create a project B: how I import folder A to project B. (If I create package A from project A: I must compile each file to *.class, and I cannot modified source code again).
    This work frustrate me so much. Because I often do step by step (in Project B): create a new package A-->create class a'-->copy code of class a' of projectA to this class @@)

    Who can tell me how, please.
    thanks :)

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    Default Re: Import a folder of *java file

    The way it normally works is you create a jar file of projectA (so, yes, compiled code).
    That jar file is stuck into projectB, usually in a lib folder (since I doubt you're using Maven or Ivy or anything like that).

    Now, when you make a change to projectA then simply rebuild the jar file and stick it into B.

    This assumes that project A is a distinct project.

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