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Thread: Combine Error

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    Default Combine Error

    Hi, may i check is there any errors in my codes as I encountered an error called
    "array out of bounds exception" Please advise me.Thank you

    public InputStream combine(List<InputStream> slices, IdaInfo info) throws IDAException {

    //Prepare output stream (the combined file)
    ByteArrayOutputStream osCombinedFile = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

    //IdaInfo class helps in managing parameters for the IDA algorithm (size, lengths, mod value etc)
    //IdaInfo idainfo = new IdaInfo(5,3);
    int m = info.getQuorum(); // if the input number of stream < m, algorithm cannot function

    //Check if the List contains enough InputStream to perform the combine() operation.
    if(slices.size() < m)
    throw new IDAException("Error:combine(List<InputStream>):Ins ufficient slice available for combine operations");

    //If the input list > m slices, we remove some, we only need m slices
    List<InputStream> lstSlices = new ArrayList<InputStream>();
    for (int i = 0; i < m; i++) {

    //Retrieve the id of each slice. This is required to get the correct row in the key matrix
    int[] sliceIds = null;
    int[][] inverse = null;
    int[] bytesFromSlices = null;
    //use to track the number of bytes of output, this will remove adding padding bytes added previously
    //int nOutputCount = 0;
    long nOutputCount = info.getDataOffset();

    int abyte;
    //int nStreamSize = parseSegmentExtraData(lstSlices, sliceIds);
    sliceIds = parseSegmentExtraData(lstSlices);
    long nStreamSize = info.getDataSize();

    //Prepare the inverse matrix
    //inverse = generateInverse(sliceIds, m_nKeyMatrix);
    inverse = generateInverse(sliceIds, info.getMatrix());

    for (int i = 0; i < info.getSliceLength(); i++) {
    bytesFromSlices = getNextByteFromSlices(lstSlices);

    for (int j = 0; j < m; j++) {
    abyte = mac(bytesFromSlices, inverse[j]);
    if(nOutputCount >= nStreamSize) {
    //System.out.println("Output Count = " + nOutputCount + ", StreamSize = " + nStreamSize);

    //Return an InputStream for ease of use by calling function
    return new ByteArrayInputStream(osCombinedFile.toByteArray()) ;


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    Default Re: Combine Error

    Post the full stack trace and error message for the exception, and show us where in your code it is occurring.

    Also use code tags when posting code.

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