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    Default New to Eclipse, can't run HelloWorld

    I would have posted this question at the Eclipse newbie forums, but according to their own registration form, I'll need to create a separate email account to handle all the spam I'll likely get.

    Anyways, I'm biting the bullet and trying Eclipse once more, but I can't even get HelloWorld to run. The program is free of errors, but when run, nothing happens, and Eclipse doesn't complain.

    ... Any ideas?
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    Default Re: New to Eclipse, can't run HelloWorld

    Eclipse has its own small tutorial on how to create a simple hello world program. Its accessible from the welcome screen, if you've ever seen it. I'm new to
    Eclipse just like you.

    Click on Help>Welcome.

    There choose the tutorials button. And there you'll find it. Contains step by step instructions.

    I hope my answer helps you.

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