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    Default Export to JAR - help with required folder?

    Hey guys, newbie question..

    I'm having a bit of trouble exporting to a Runnable JAR.
    My project has the src folder and a "maps" folder alongside it (not a subfolder of it) - as such, it isn't compiled into the JAR, and it doesn't work.
    The folder isn't technically a library as such (just full of .map files that are just text files) so I'm not sure how to import it.

    The project works fine if I export the JAR then manually copy the other folder along-side it, but surely there's a way to have that done automatically? The export options tell me you can put required libraries in an adjacent folder, but that's not worked.

    Will I just have to manually copy the required folders whenever I export it?

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Default Re: Export to JAR - help with required folder?

    You can make a new package (e.g. call it maps) in the src folder and then import your maps-files into the new folder. But of course you must also change your code to point to the new folder.
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