Hello Friends

I am going through a serious issue. I have made some changes to some of the files (java code) of one of our projects using Helio's eclipse. I accidentally updated my entire project to Head/Latest code which is present in our server(i.e. a repository where everyday number of people commit their changes). Now, all the changes which I have made in the files are not seen. I am seeing some changes of the files in the local history, but I have been doing a lot of changes in different files from many days and now I don't remember all those files. I couldn't check every file's local history and update them becoz that would be a tough task and there are hundred's of files in server.

Could anyone please help me how to recover those changes.
Note: I have not deleted the files, I have made some changes to some files but didn't commit them. So they are lost. Even if I restore it to the previous point, I cannot get the changes.

Please some one help me.