All my code compiles fine with Sun's JDK but i need to be able to compile at school which is using a Eclipse compiler.

The problem I am getting is as follows:

i have a folder structure that goes as follows


and in this directory I have 3 files: ConsoleReader.java ConsoleWriter.java and ConsoleManager.java

and at the top of all three I have the following:

package cs.uwm.client.io;

ConsoleReader and ConsoleWriter are compiling fine

However in ConsoleManager I am using these classes ConsoleReader/Writer and It compile fine for me on a windows JDK in cywin, but when I try this on a Fedore6 system with an Eclipe Java Compiler v_686_R32x, 3.2.2 release I have the following error:

ConsoleWriter cannot be resolved into a type

when I try the following line: ConsoleReader reader = new ConsoleReader( System.in );

I tried importing cs.uwm.client.io but that didnt' work. I couldn't find anything on the forums here if you are trying to use a class defined in your package inside your package the way I am.

I am guessing that this is a problem specific to Eclipse compiler
I am using the Eclipse compiler on a command line.

Any help would be great!