Due to lack of space on my C drive, I purchased a (Western Digital) external hard drive, and installed Eclipse and Android dev tools, etc. to there.

Friday I had a catastrophic failure when trying to close the Android emulator (it wouldn't close and forze, so I tried Ctrl+Alt+Del/Windows Task Manager, and when the Emulator still wouldn't go away, performed a "hard reset" on my computer) and since then my external hard drive is not recognized/accessible.

I was able to recover the data from the external hard drive (on another computer), but now I am extremely nervous about going back to my old way of woking, and am going to purchase a new machine (Old one is about six years old, obviously under"sized" and underpowered).

So... what recommendations for a dev machine? I plan on building mostly Android apps (both phone and tablet). I want speed and reliability; However, I also want to pinch pennies as much as possible (but without going to the point of being "penny wise and pound foolish").

Also: My new machine will be a laptop; how reliable are wireless Internet connections (I'd like to be able to work at the dining room table, or upstairs in the bedroom, etc.)