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    Default external library problem


    it's my first time to use eclise, i made a very simple app

    connection to db then retrieve data, my app is work good.

    i export the project into jar file on my desktop where i put the jdbc.jar

    but the program can't run, it can't see the jdbc.jar, please help ?

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    Could you explain what are you trying to achieve and exact errors you get ? It will be easier to understand your problem if you provide as much details as possible.

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    Depends how you've told Eclipse how to create the jar file.
    What does the MANIFEST in the jar file look like, because that'll tell you where it is expecting the jdbc.jar to be in realtion to your apps jar file.
    If there's no entry for the jdbc jar file then you'll need to tell Eclipse what to do with dependencies, which I can't remember how to do at the moment.

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