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    Default Need help with a dice program. Thanks!!

    Hi all!,
    I'm pretty new to this forum and I hope I can get some help with my java codes. I'm a noob as I've just started java lessons in school, my 4th lesson already. I have this assignment in which I have to create a Snake and Ladder game. I have to create a dice program and I need help with inserting a loop. This is what I have so far:

    Java Code:
    import java.util.Random;
    public class Dice {
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		Random generator = new Random();
    		// dice array.
    		int [] frequency = new int [6];
    		frequency[0] = 1;
    		frequency[1] = 2;
    		frequency[2] = 3;
    		frequency[3] = 4;
    		frequency[4] = 5;
    		frequency[5] = 6;         
    		//use [ENTER] to continue.
    		System.out.println("Please Press Enter To Roll Dice >  ");
    			while ( > 0); 
    		catch (IOException e){
    		// Need a loop over here, so that they will ask again if the dice shows 6.
    		int i = generator.nextInt(6);
    		int numberShows = frequency[i];
    		System.out.println("Dice Turns Up >  "+ numberShows);
    		if 	(numberShows == 6){
    			System.out.println("Dice shows six, you get more more turn!");
    			System.out.println("End Of Turn");
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    Would you mind posting your code directly instead of as an attachment? To do this, type [code] then paste your code and finally add this tag at the end of your code[/code]

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