Hello! I have been asked by my company to update my old archaic application to Java Eclipse. It was written in the mid-nineties and still runs on MS-DOS (cmd.exe) in plain text, and the bulk of its use is in querying our massive collection of FoxPro tables with SQL queries, and then it takes that information and prints it out as a report to a printer. Turning this into a GUI application is going to take a lot of work, especially for me since I am a complete newcomer to Eclipse and I am not all that much of a programmer in the first place. Anyway, before I begin, I do have a couple questions:

1. I plan to develop a simple native desktop app (non-web-based) using Eclipse. Should I download the "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" or the "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers", and which packages should I investigate?

2. I will need access to a database system that is popular enough that there will be a way to convert FoxPro tables to it. I was thinking of using MySQL, since it's very popular and free and there should be a wealth of information out there to help me, but does Eclipse use something different?

3. I will need a reporting system that I can create visually appealing reports. These reports will just be the results of some SQL SELECT queries with some window dressing around it. I have read about Eclipse's BIRT reporting tool, and I'm pretty sure that's just what I'm looking for, but please let me know if I'm mistaken.

Also, if anyone can point me to some examples of native apps with very simple SQL statements or reports it would be greatly appreciated as well. i need all the help I can get!