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    Question Eclipse Compile Error: Call validateValue(Class<T>, String, Object, Class<?>...)

    In Eclipse 3.5 and 3.6, there is an error to call the function validateValue(Class<T>, String, Object, Class<?>...) with the arguments (Class, String, Object, Class[]).

    I have not problem to compile the attached file using javac command line.

    But I got the following error in Eclipse:

    The method validateValue(Class<T>, String, Object, Class<?>...)
    in the type Validator is not applicable for the arguments
    (Class, String, Object, Class[]) /jsf-api/src/javax/faces/validator
    line 307 Java Problem

    The compiling file is a little newer. The line 307 is

    beanValidator.validateValue(valueReference.getBase Class(),

    Eclipse is configured to use the same jdk 6 as the same JDK using in command line javac call.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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