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    Unhappy You need help

    hi :(I want a solution to this Alsoal I have a test I did not find the right solution I am a newbie I hope he has a solution or explain to me how I work Classic :confused::confused:

    Please model, in a simple way and using object-oriented techniques, a bank
    and its
    customers (private, not business):
    Model the class inheritance hierarchy: Account, CheckingAccount,
    SavingAccount, and SuperSavingAccount.
    Model the Customer class
    Think about the most important attributes and methods for each class.
    Explain the relationships between the different classes.
    Return the class diagram as part of the solution!
    Now implement these classes in Java. Comment the code well and submit the source
    code as well as the binaries as part of the solution!

    thanks :D

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    Thank you for posting your homework assignment in what we call a "homework dump". Now if you have an actual specific question, please feel free to post it and many will be more than happy to help, but please don't just dump your assignment in here without showing your work and without asking a question. Locking this thread.

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