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    Exclamation Not able to see apache2 server in Eclipse WTP Setup

    I am trying to setup Eclipse wtp server on Ubuntu 10.10.

    Not able to add apache server to eclipse wtp, my system shows the following and suggest me what should i do:


    1.#lsb_release -d -s -c
    Ubuntu 10.10 maverick

    2. #/usr/sbin/apache2 -v
    Server version: Apache/2.2.16 (Ubuntu)

    3. #Eclipse>windows>preferences>Java>Installed_JREs:
    Name: java-6-openjdk Location: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6openjdkType:Standard VM

    4. #Eclipse>windows>preferences>Server>RuntimeEnviron ment
    Server Runtime Environment shows blank

    Tried to add
    Apache Tomcat v7.0
    Browse :/etc/apache2 says: Unknown version of Tomcat was specified.
    JRE: java-6-openjdk(/workbench default)

    Thanks in advance

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    hi, I had the same error for Eclipse indigo ee version. I had tomcat v7.0.4 and jre6. when I tried to set Apache tomcat v 7.0 as runtime environment for my new web project, it showed unknown version specified error.

    It gets solved if u specify the exact name of the tomcat folder, for eg. mine was installed as 'apache-tomcat 7.0.4' in C:/ , in the next dialogbox, instead of the Apache Tomcat v7.0' name provided, before you browse for the installed tomcat.
    or maybe simply restarting Eclipse solves it, im not sure. try it!

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