Windows 7 x64
3gb RAM
Dell Inspiron 1545

Version: Helios Service Release 1
Build id: 20100917-0705

I've tried doing a search on this (google and here), but did not find anything that could help...

As soon as I start Eclipse, it apparently starts a single javaw.exe process... Emphasis on the 'as soon as I start', which means this particular javaw.exe isn't associated with any of my own java programs.

This javaw.exe process takes up 0 CPU, but it's working memory usage stays around 270 000 K... Is this normal? When I do run my programs, new javaw.exe processes are created for each instance, and they terminate when the program terminates (so they behave normally), and those take up what I believe to be normal memory usage (way under 100 000 K)...

Also, the javaw.exe that starts with Eclipse is located in my System32 folder, whereas the javaw.exe`s that start with my programs are located in my ...\Java\jre6\bin\ folder

If I kill the javaw.exe and then try and switch back to Eclipse, it gives me a very long message, starting with "Java was started, but returned exit code=1" and then closes.

Any ideas?