Hello everyone,

I have a problem that can't solve (in the "good" way).

I'm making a plugin for ImageJ that uses OpenGL (JOGL2.0); so, to make the plugin runnable in at least win and linux, I have to find a way to change the lib path to the native libs of JOGL (which would be placed in any directory with the plugin *.class and the other *.jar needed).

I've read that it cannot be done dynamically, and the target is "for everyone" so i dont want to change the path in the command console when i have to run ImageJ.

Do you know a way to do this in Eclipse? I mean, somehow arrange all the libs and path needed to solve this?

If not, the only way that convince me is to make a setup that copy paste the libs to the actual "java.library.path" each time it's executed.

Thanks for your time!