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    Default Eclipse creates web service that returns an object but something's wrong...!!!

    Hi. i want to created a web service that returns an object.
    The object contains string variables, string [] arrays and string[][] arrays.
    I have write getters and setters in the object to fill the variables and the arrays and retrieve their values.
    I've write some code that creates an instance of that object and fills the variables and the arrays correctly. So the next step i am doing is to convert this code to a web service and a client via the eclipse wizard by right clicking to the .java file->web services->create web service....

    but the wsdl that is been created does not contain all the structure of the object i created. To be more specific it does not contain the two dimention arrays.Contains only the single dimention arrays and the string variables.
    but at the client, the single dimention arrays arrives with null value.Only the string variables has values.

    why this happens??

    I attach the object i created (, A part of web service code ( and the wsdl that eclipse creates.

    thanks (i know my english sucks...I do my best)
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