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    Exclamation Syntax error in eclipse for "enum" defination.

    Hi all, I am very new to eclipse.
    I am using eclipse Version: 3.5.0 Build id: I20090611-1540 which i have just downloaded form download page.

    I have a enum deceleration in one of my java file as follows.

    enum OS{
    Linux ("\\$\\{staging\\}\\/disa-linux-sensors","LinuxSensors.txt"),
    HPUX ("\\$\\{staging\\}\\/disa-hpux-sensors","HPUXSensors.txt"),
    AIX ("\\$\\{staging\\}\\/disa-aix-sensors","AIXSensors.txt"),
    SunOS ("\\$\\{staging\\}\\/disa-solaris-sensors","SolarisSensors.txt");

    private String pattern;
    private String sensorsFile;

    public String getPattern(){return pattern;}
    public String getSensorsFile(){return sensorsFile;}

    OS(String pattern,String sensorsFile){


    For this code i am getting following syntax error at lines with red color.

    Multiple markers at this line
    - Return type for the method is missing
    - Syntax error on tokens, delete these
    at deceleration of Linux,AIX,HPUX,SunOS enum types.

    Where as this get compiled successfully form my ant builder.
    My Compiler compliance level is 1.5.

    please suggest me if i am missing any preferences or anything else.


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    Strange, it works for me (compliance settings 1.6); I suspect that some lines *before* the enum declaration something is happening ...

    kind regards,


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