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    Default tomcat & eclipse

    I am new in java,I want to create relation between Tomcat & eclipse.
    I have Eclipse galileo & tomcat 5.5 & jdk6.0
    how can i able to run my project or create a Virtual directory,

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    wow sorry waqar, i didnt see this sooner,

    1. open eclipse
    2. Click (at titlebar) 'window' than server
    3. once new server appears right click and select new server.
    4. Select your version of tomcat. 5.5.
    5 point it to your tomcat directory. (if your having issues with the directory, literally you unzip into your c drive and point at the folder)
    6. Once tomcat shows up, right click and add one of your projects
    7. right click your server and select start
    8. also if you double click your server you can change timeout settings (id suggest 2 minutes or 120 seconds)
    9. one your project is synchronized. in the url
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    I you may pass through a specific port for not to disturb other applications in your post. I believe that you've already configured that at the time of installing tomcat.

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