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    Default [SOLVED] A tab in an eclipse RCP program

    I need to open up a new tab in an existing eclipse RCP program, it appears to me I will have to write a new plug-in for the RCP program. I am wondering if I am not seeing things right as it seams a bit extream to have to write a full fleged plug-in just to display a tab to display some data.

    1) do I need to write a new plug-in just to display a new tab in my program
    2) if I am wrong, can some one point me to what I failed to find via google
    3) any thing else you can suggest.

    ---------------Edit below-----
    Just wanted to update incase some one comes accross this in a google link (I have come accross many questions like this in google with no ansers while searching so I am going to post what I found here for those that might find this via google)

    The anser is sortof, for me I did not need to write a new plug-in, I was able to leach onto another plug-in we had in our RCP program, just added the view into the plug-in.xml, code up the view (was alot easier then I thought it would be) then call the view when the menu item was selected (add the view to the perspective in reality)
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