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    Default ANT builder at workspace level

    I use ANT builders for projects in a workspace. This works well and the corresponding ANT targets get invoked when I do a save, clean etc.

    Is it possible however to associate an ANT builder with the workspace so that a "build all" invokes that builder and not individual project ANT builders sequentially? I have a project called "Build" and on "Build all" would like to invoke a target from "Build/build.xml".


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    I think you can create an entry in a target within the build.xml within one of the projects, (where you want to have the workspace level ant invoked), to do an <ant>
    Java Code:
      <!-- in the build.xml in one of your projects -->
      <target name="workspaceBuild">
        <ant basedir="${basedir}/.." file="build.xml" target="the_target" inheritAll="false"/>
    Just make sure this workspace level ant file does not end up invoking this workspaceBuild target; that would create an infinite loop of ant calls right.

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    Actually what I want is to invoke a workspace build (which in my case means invoking a target called build from build.xml of a project called "Build") when I press CTRL+B. Basically I want to override eclipse's behaviour of building all projects in the workspace and let my custom target take over. What you suggested would have worked if Eclipse only built all the projects as available in "Window -> Preferences->General->Workspace->Build order". In that case I could have just put an entry for the "Build" project there and things would have worked. Eclipse doesn't do that however and also builds projects not available in that list after the ones in the list are built.

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