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    Default Problem in Deployment

    Hi folks,

    The problem is every time i change java class file i have to redeploy the project as the code changes are not reflecting. This takes lot of time for a small changes also. I am using eclipse version-3.3.2 and jboss-3.2.7.

    Is there any settings changes I have to make in my eclipse for auto deployment? please give me a solution for my problem.


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    i think one time i had set up the project to replace the built-in java builder with an 'ant builder'. where i created an ant file that had its main task be a compile and invoke a copy to my tomcat instance folder. but with the ant build the output deploy step could really be anything right.

    I eventually found this to be not helpful because it would invoke the ant builder on every time i saved a file, which when needing to edit more than one file usually would cause compile errors and the build would fail. There is a way around that to edit a bunch of files and do a "save all" so everything modified is saved all at once, then the ant builder kicks in and does the deploy, assuming there are no compile errors still.

    in that sense, it might be easier to have an ant task window open and just push the ant run target button when you want to have deployed.
    but i do not know enough of eclipse to do more eclipse centric auto deployments.

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