Hi everyone,

Here I am again with some more questions about eclipse!! Please be patient!! You have been a beginner as well, haven't you!? ;)

Anyway, I am doing a hangman game and I have 6 pictures (src/resources) that I would like to load into my nameGame.jsp page!! I have a Bean class(?) called GameBean which holds all the calculation of the game and it is working fine!!

I thought about adding in my JSP page something like
Java Code:
<h:graphicImage value="{GameBean.image]"></h:graphicImage>
and in my GameBean have the getImage returning a string with the path for the picture!! But Eclipse won't allow me to pass the string with "/" on it.

I have seen about getResource() but you need to have it as a separate class, don't you? If so, how from my GameBean I would be able to use it?

I hope it makes sense!!