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    Post Eclipse project waits for return value and hangs.


    I am trying to develop a Eclipse GUI project. The idea is that when I execute the project and click on some button it must run a batch file.
    However, current scenario is that after executing the project and clicking on the button in GUI I need to click the Eclipse Console terminate button(Red button) in order for the batch file to get executed.

    What I understand is that my eclipse project is starting a process (main method) which calls the bat file. The bat file is starting its own process but Eclipse project is waiting for some sort of return value which never comes causing it to hang.

    Can anyone please tell me how to resolve this issue?

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    I'm not exactly sure what your problem is, but I think that this article may be quite helpful to you:

    JavaWorld: When Runtime.exec() Won't

    Please have a look and then let us know one way or another if this helps you resolve your problem. Much luck!

    Edit: Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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